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Stop suffering, and start


Hey Stepmom,
ever feel like you're just barely hanging on?

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I know, you thought you’d have an amazing blended family life. 

You thought you’d have a passionate, harmonious marriage. 

You thought you’d be the fun step mom who always knew how to handle whatever your step-kids threw at you. 

You thought you’d feel comfortable and maybe even fulfilled in your role as a stepmom .

But that’s not how your life feels right now.  You keep trying to problem solve.  You come up with new strategies but nothing is working.  Maybe a new co-parenting system or different marriage book, or multiple “family” meetings with a new game plan?  But ultimately, you keep landing right back where you started: unhappy, burned out, and overwhelmed by what seems to be endless issues that need fixing.

I want you to know, you're not alone in this.

I've been there too!

 I will help you create a truly beautiful life.

I will help you find a strong sense of belonging within your own 

step family dynamic

I will help you redefine your role as a stepmom in a way that 

creates feelings of empowerment and confidence.

I will show you how to stop trying to control things you 

fundamentally can not control and redirect that energy into things you can control

I will show you how it’s possible to create peace within your own blended family

What I've learned can change everything for you.


Hiring a coach can change everything for you.


What my clients say:

Mindy is an absolutely amazing coach! Right off the bat I l felt so comfortable opening up to her about "stepmom stuff" and even a few instances in my personal life that needed to be taken care of! She has helped tremendously in more ways than I can name and I would definitely recommend her to any step mother figure!

Hiring a blended family coach who specializes in the stepmom perspective is a no brainer.

Not sure you can afford coaching?


I'm not sure you can afford to not hire a stepmom coach, and here’s exactly why:

Second family statistics are simply shocking,  starting with the divorce rate being 67%

You’ve met the person you want to make a life with, but not just ANY Life, a GOOD Life, a FULFILLED Life, a HAPPY Life!

Most of you already know what it is like to be in an unhappy marriage or partnership — and you don’t want to go back down that road again! 

You know how hard it can be to go through a divorce or separation and even the struggles that come post-divorce/separation.

You’re ready to do something different this time, but you can’t use the same systems or methods you used last time or you will most certainly end up with the same results as last time.

You have to change your system to achieve different results!

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

I offer a 100% money back guarantee on any prepaid & unused sessions, convenient hassle-free monthly payment plans, and discounts for paying in-full.

If you’re not totally thrilled, no worries! 

See? I told you, it's a 


Book a


Let's get this started —

Book your consult call today!

You're only one step away from feeling more empowered!


I became a stepmom at twenty four years old, when I unexpectedly met and fell head over heels in love with a man who already had four kids.

I then proceeded to spend the better part of the next ten years simply struggling my way through, as I tried desperately to define my role as a stepmom, not feeling supported or understood by most of the people in my life. .



How you know coaching is right for you —

Your anxiety is at an all time HIGH 

At this point your life feels like it’s completely out of your control 

Your blended family stressors are putting a huge strain on your relationships

DIVORCE is coming up in conversations lately 

You feel completely overwhelmed and under-appreciated 

You’ve read all the books, tips and advice you can stomach, but your life still isn’t what you hoped it would be 

You might feel like you have completely lost yourself to the role of step mom

Maybe you have become consumed by the high conflict situation with the ex or maybe even your step kids

RESENTMENT is building a rate that's alarming 

Co Parenting conflicts & custody battles are literally consuming your life

You're becoming someone you don't recognize

You are desperate for change

Are you ready to make a change?


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